Artist Juan Carlos Valdivia

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Woking and rolling with BC at Toyo’s

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Artist Adan Navallez

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Kitchen Gadgets Part 2

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Mushroom Risotto

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Mushroom risotto Arborio rice, (1 cup) mushrooms (mixed if you can), vegetable stock, onion, butter, vinegar, white wine, ice, olive oil, rosemary (and other herbs of your choice). Hector recommends you can freeze th...

Social Café Lounge

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Jennifer Woodman is from Vancouver, Michael Hall is from Seattle. They fell in love in a bar in Mexico and fell in love with the idea of owing a bar in Mazatlan. That love child is now named Social Café Lounge. Do ...

Infallible eggs Benedict – Sous Vide

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Sous Vide is French for “under vacuum”. Chef Héctor highly recommends Chef’s Steps for all things sous vide and it also answers possible concerns about cooking with Ziplock-like plastic bags. Héctor’s Hollandaise sau...

Anne Murphy, expat extraordinaire

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Rob’s 40th at Pedro y Lola

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Skincare Confidential part 2

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Shoe Repair

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Good old-fashioned shoe repair shop on the corner of Azueta and Mariano Escobedo. Closed Sundays, open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Jorge Diaz's family has been in this location for 70 years.